Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spare the coins!


I love having coin banks; pulling out spare change from my pockets and depositing it in my own little bank every end of the day is just automatic for me. And I have to say the best part is finding out how much I have saved once I figured that the bank is full and is in need of some emptying. It's like finding spare cash when you least expect it, be it from the laundry or inside book pages; and you suddenly have the money to buy those new shoes you've been raving about!

Sadly though, I recently had to empty my overflowing bank(s) when i heard local bank and government officials pleading to the people to stop putting all those coins aside as there is now a shortage of coins in the country. Haha, I think everyone I know was doing the same thing, and obviously, most of the nation is too. And so i did the right thing and gave the coins to Jay for him to exchange to the bank! I won't tell how much, but it was huge!!!

Do you keep coin banks too? Or do you leave it to the kids?


  1. I have a piggy bank where I store change for the vending machine at school. It's mostly diet coke money. Good stuff :)

  2. I love coin banks. But I'm a fan of the classic piggy bank.

  3. I had one of those big ones that you can only get the cash out when you smash it. I was convinced I had £1000 in there but I only had £400 which was still loadddds!

  4. a very cute way to save your money ;)
    i like the 'born to shop' coin banks
    i used to have a coin banks in a shape of duck, but someone stole it .

    anyway, i love your blog!
    it's full of unordinary stuffs and cute pictures

    following u :)


  5. A shortage of coins? Never heard of that... Not good at saving coins, they just lie around and someone takes them and spends them. Perhaps I need to change my ways?

  6. wow i'm sure you get much money inside those!!

    love them!!

  7. Haha! One time I found about two hundred dollars in my coin bank. I think I was a very frugal child.

  8. I got you something on my blog :)


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