Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pendant lights

I am soo exhausted right now from nonstop business trips, meetings, events, etc., so all I want to do now that I finally have a few hours to sit and relax is browse the net, find some pretty and funny things and pretend I haven't been out of the blogging world for more than a week (too tired to even sleep!)

So! How are you my lovelies? I hope you didn't think I have abandoned you. Just really super duper busy.

Anyway! I am loving these pendant lights, soo pretty!! What a nice idea to dress up a room, especially during events, weddings even. What do you think?

(via Monochro)


  1. You were missed! I was wondering where you went! The pendant lights are the perfect touch to any room! I love how you find the coolest things to share! Welcome back...xo

  2. how fun are these!
    Hope you get to have some rest xo

  3. Sounds like you were caught up in the hurricane called "work." Happens. Welcome back:)

  4. These lights are SO beautiful! And I hope that you can take a little time for yourself to relax soon!
    xxoo Josie

  5. Andy,

    Love them as well a little whimsical!!

    Art by Karena

  6. I love the blue one! perfect for spring!

  7. Andy, I'm sorry things have been so wildly crazy for you lately! Make sure you find some time to relax and unwind soon. And I love these pendant lights. So pretty.

  8. I LIKE them - great find! Thanks for sharing - hope you're getting some down time.

  9. Love these lights! I hope you have been able to relax more ! :) Everyone needs some time for themselves!

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