Friday, December 11, 2009

Happy weekend!

Just two weekends left before Christmas! Are you panicking already? I hate it when we get all worried and worked out about our preparations for Christmas that we don't get to actually enjoy the season. So this weekend, I'm gonna do some quick shopping and then I'd spend the rest of it with my family. Just relax and get excited for the Holidays. How about you? What are you up to this weekend? Enjoy!!!

(Photo via Sleepy Songbird)


  1. i cooked dinner for my husbnd and friends as it's the husbands birthday tomorrow and then sat is wine tasting and braai and sunday is a family lunch - so lots of eating and some relaxing is on the cards for me :)

  2. I'm sure that was one lovely weekend Betty! I was able to relax with my family but I'm organizing a corporate Christmas party and I had to bring some work home so a bit busy too.


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