Friday, November 6, 2009

Panoramic memory drawing

Read about this over at Reuters. Amazing!

Stephen Wiltshire is an artist diagnosed with autism. He is known for doing panoramic memory drawings of various places around the world. He was recently in New York for the last of nine panoramic drawings of the world's major cities.

So this is how it's done. Mr. Wilthsire takes a few-minute helicopter ride over a place/city, and then sketch the entire (detailed!) skyline from memory!

Here's an aerial view of Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey:

Here's LA Skyline:

Here's Toronto Skyline:

And here' Stephen busy drawing the New York Skyline:

Isn't this just mind blowing? He also does other artwork/paintings of various scenes around the world. Check it out here.

(Photos via Stephen Wiltshire)

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