Monday, November 9, 2009

Saizen the 85-peso store

I've been shopping at this place for months and months now and I dunno why I haven't shared it with you yet (I'm so sorry!). It's a hidden gem inside Robinsons Galleria over at Ortigas. Stone's throw from my office so you wouldn't wonder why I frequent the place. But if you see all the stuff they sell for a mere 85 bucks, you would soo hate me for not sharing earlier! From toiletries to beauty products to art materials to crazy things you don't see every day. They have everything! I'll post some finds soon. But you really have to see it to appreciate it, so visit it now!!


  1. waaaah!!! I shop here as well Andy! I loo0ve the place!=) Whenever I go there I cant seem to leave without buying even just a trinket =p

  2. That's great Gian! I've been shopping here since it opened so now I'm proud to say I have already overcome urges and temptations to buy some stuff I don't need, and can just come in to simply browse!


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