Friday, November 20, 2009

Silk map cushion

A friend of mine (thanks Dre!), who knows I'm crazy about maps, sent me a link to this site, where I can find this lovely set of silk map pillows by Alex Jowett of Atelier 688. I am soo loving this!



  1. My boyfriend and I were dreaming the other day about finding an old WWII silk map in the scarf section of the Thrift store. Because 'We', being pompous, figured no one there would realize how special they are... ;)
    I absolutely love, LOVE, these. I too am a map fan. I bounced from a Geography (cartography) major to a Geology major in University. Started being true(r) to my nature so am now an artist with a degree in neither. The Geology maps are quite beautiful too.
    Thanks for dropping by...I just subscribed through Google Reader so I can read all you post!
    Winded comment,
    (My bus driver in grade school called me Andy but it didn't stick for anyone else. Dee for some reason!? My boyfriend is Andrew and if I called him Andy he'd kill me! :))

  2. Hey, thanks Andrea! My friend who sent this to me, Dre, she's also an Andrea! She's been sending me links to old and weird maps since College. I used to have a wall in my room dedicated to maps.

    Thanks for subscribing! I hope you're a fan of random stuff, that's all I have here! ;)

    Oh also, I think you found your real calling as an artist though. Your works are beautiful! Checking your new posts now.


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