Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Grumpy love

This is one adorable print, don't you think? Reminds us that not everyone is enjoying this month of love. I wish everyone is though, especially now that I've been seeing cupids and hearts everywhere I go. Does any of you share this guy's feelings? I hope not!

(via Central Illustration)


  1. this is adorable!!!

    and thanks for the visit :)
    xoxo Laura

  2. Thankfully I have a wonderful Valentine this year! Well, same one as last year but whatever haha

    And I love the tea bags in the previous post! Hahaha

  3. Hahah what a cute print! I can't say I'm huge V-Day fan, but I don't haaaate it like that guy.

  4. awww, well, I'm not really grumpy per se, but I do think that Valentine's Day is a little nauseating, when I'm single or a couple! Much too commercialized for my tastes.

  5. I do feel kinda grumpy today, Andy~ but am soooo in love with the romance associated with the beginning of February!
    I just love Valentine's day... it's my fave!
    That is a wonderful print!
    Big hugs,

  6. ahhh's the month of love..
    well I don't really share the same feeling as that guy but I just don't put too much thought to it..cheesy as it may sound but for me everyday should be filled with love :)
    have a great valentine though!

    eclectic du jour

  7. this is the best print ever- it makes me laugh just looking at it! come to think of it, it reminds me of my grumpy neighbor :)

  8. i love this illustration! it's hilarious!
    i actually like the cheesiness of valentine's..but i hate how crowded places get cuz of the occassion..hehe.

  9. Awesome print. I have to admit though, I can be a bit of a Valentine's Day grump. But that's more because I know what it's like to be left out of that and I don't want other people to be left out or feel pressure to do something "incredible". But I still celebrate it and just try to not limit Valentines to one special person.

  10. I dont really get into it. But I still am a romantic at heart.

  11. so cute!!

    Thanks always, for you comments!!

  12. ha ha ha
    its like my dad when he's grumpy about something!
    Thanks for sharing sweetie!

  13. Haha! I don't have a date for valentines, but i'm not particularly sad about it, i think valentines is a silly idea anyway, people should be that way to each other everyday!

  14. what a nice illustration!

    thanks for following me..
    i already follow you're blog too =)

  15. LoL! Oh this gave me a good giggle this morning...I used to feel like that until I landed myself the most wonderful guy in the world! :)

  16. This is such a funny picture! i love it (: haha


  17. Awe, how CUTE!

    Personally, Ive always loved the flashy heart decorations & and the cheesy V-day cards that come with Valentines day.

    -Jess Mai

  18. Bah humbug!

  19. adorable!

  20. I'm a total romantic at heart so I've always loved valentine's day even when I was single


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