Thursday, January 28, 2010

Books on display

I just love books on display. Of course I buy to read not to display, but there is something about shelves and shelves of books that make me swoon and feel warm inside. Whenever I visit a friend's house and am allowed to look around a bit, I go straight to the hallway or living room bookshelf and check out what they have in there; from first editions to tattered collector's items to atlases to untouched chick lits. Even my boyfriend has this lovely collection of books (well, he's a professor) that I always browse through.

These book storage and display ideas from Design 3000 are of course not quite like the shelves-and-shelves that I adore, but I can't deny that these are really nice ways to display your books. I especially love the third one, and the first one is genius because it also acts as bookmark. Oh, and check out these brilliant book lights that I've posted a few weeks ago.

So my lovelies, do you adore books as decor/display like I do or am I being too nerdy? What do you think of these designs? Sound off below!


  1. I love love love it! I'm obsessed with books on display too :) I have two book shelves in my already too small apartment. I can't get enough. :)


    Meg :)

  2. Ooh, I absolutely love book displays!! That's immediately where my eye goes whenever I enter a person's house!!
    And I myself keep a grand collection of books...these are great ideas for displaying them!!

  3. creative book displays! p.s nice blog :) and i love the bangles on the earlier post btw

    xo tess

  4. great ideas!wish i owned my place to make it as i wish

  5. I'm a huge bookworm, and love these ways of showcasing books. The 1st one is pretty genius!

  6. i'm a books fan too. i really wish i have your rack and organizing skills. you have such great collection. i agree with you about book displays too. they always make me feel happy that i've always wondered why. perhaps that's the combination of colors and typography. ;)

  7. Ah. Love it! Those are so creative!

  8. These are cool. Eventually I'd like to have a room dedicated to my books.

  9. I love these book cases. Unfortunately I don't have that many books to fill it up but it would look so good in my living room.

  10. You're not being nerdy at all. Or if you are, I'm nerdy with you. I love displaying my books, and put a lot of thought into it at times. I do buy them to read, but I think that's the coolest thing about them -- they look awesome AND they contain fascinating stories and ideas. I like the second book frame thing a lot. One day, I'm going to decorate my whole house with books (well, maybe not the WHOLE thing but close).

  11. Oh, really cool!!!
    I feel inspired to find a new Place for my Books:)

  12. I love these display ideas... I have a never-ending love affair with books too. xoxo

  13. I'm so glad you visited my blog, because it led me to yours :)

    Book displays are a clever idea and a great way to display our beloved reads in a asthetically pleasing fashion.

    Personally, I love the look of a wall completely covered with shelves upon shelves of colourful books. A rainbow of books!

  14. I love to display the books I love to read! :) Love the books all stacked on top of each other!

  15. I too like the third. It was on the cover of a magazine once....I forget. But I loved it!
    The worst part of renovations (well all is bad except the end of them!) is books in boxes, and boxes, in storage. :( I was peeking through them earlier actually. They are depressed from lack of vitamin D....

  16. I have just recently taken out all of the books I had in a chest....and put them on the shelving towers I purchased 8 years about procrastination! Love your blog! Definitely can't wait to read more...that's why I had to follow you so I'll know what's going on! ~Corie

  17. Thank you for the kind words!

    These are beautiful! I need to organize my books haha.

    I love your other entries too! I NEED that tea sumbarine! Following!

  18. what a great idea!! i'd love to do that at my home.

  19. i love the 2nd display...
    i actually also like the 3rd but with how clumsy i am, i think i'd drop everything to the floor if i get one book..hehe.

    if you're a nerd by liking book displays,then count me as one! i love bookstores...i love the idea of having lots and lots of books! i;ll definitely have shelves of them when i get a place of my own..:D

  20. these are fabulous, i love books as wall decor :)
    great blog by the way!



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