Friday, January 22, 2010

Lacy not racy

I heard that lingerie will be huge this spring 2010 (see that little slip showing in Marion Cotillard's Globes 2009 dress) and though such trend is quite in the danger zone for me, I have to take my hat off to this lovely lady (Heather of The Sound of Lace) for rocking this look:
See those lacy bloomers she wore over her tights; smartly paired with a loose top and crisp blazer. What a pretty way to add a feminine touch. She just really pulled it off! So chic!

(via The Sound of Lace)


  1. Oh goodness I am in love with the lace peeking out. As soon as I'm off work I'm gonna go home and try to pick out something similar. :) I'm loving the lace, tights, boots combo. Very chic!


    Megs @

  2. Perfect... I love the look.

    PS... Yes Andy, I'm a wedding photographer based in Manila but I'm currently in the US for some wedding shoots until mid-February.

  3. Lingerie? Really? Hmmm...this may be one fashion trend I don't buy into. But I still like the look (I just know I couldn't pull it off).

    I'm so glad you found my blog, by the way! I really like what I see on yours. I'm adding you to my Reader so you can be a daily read.

  4. i think i'll be lookin for lace on my next thrifting trip..(in a week! yey!)

    i adore all your thrifting finds...i think i have some of the same bangles that u found..:D

    cebu is still our canadian trainer said, "the sun here in cebu turns on like it has a switch..sunrise is only for 5 minutes..."

  5. thanks for entering my giveaway and becoming my 107 follower! i'm so glad you did - you have such a pretty blog!!

  6. Pretty interesting blog! I think I'll have to subscribe :)

    HMm I would like to incorporate more lace into my outfits, appropriately of course.

  7. Thanks SOOO much for adding this little editorial to your blog. I really appreciate it and I'm glad you like my style....thanks for your sweet comments!

  8. cool Andy - thanks for sharing :)

  9. She makes it look so effortless! I love it!

  10. How chic. I love a peek at a bit of lace and I love her boots.

  11. wow LOVE the shorts!

    and thanks for commenting and becoming a follower! :)

  12. What a great outfit!! She looks amazing! I wish I didn't have to worry about a dress code at work.

    Thanks for following my blog!:o)



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