Friday, January 29, 2010

Have a fun, fun, fun weekend!

Hello my lovelies! It seems like the week just started and now it's in it's end. Not that I'm complaining of course. So what will you be doing over the weekend? I plan to have a short Saturday morning run (I so need exercise!), a little valentine DIY (this first before the dress), some relaxing and a short trip to visit my itsy-bitsy cousins (those are not them in the photo, but they are definitely as cute!)

Enjoy the weekend my sweet readers!


(photo via fastenyourseatbelt)


  1. ohh i need exercise as well! i havent workout in so long (shame on me)..
    have a wonderful weekend :)
    mine will be completely boring: studying


  2. Oh fun! I am working at job #2, going to the gym, cooking up a few recipes and hopefully sleeping in!

    :) Katie

  3. I've got some Valentine's cards I need to make. And I'm thinking of hooking up my cats with an outdoor birdfeeder so they have more daily entertainment.
    Oh yes, and there's the giant presentation I must give on Tuesday.
    xoxo -- Have a beautiful weekend!

  4. I wish you a wonderful Weekend!!

  5. what is the DIY? i have a lot of girlfriend time scheduled in. should be fun.

  6. how excited!! february 14 is coming :)

  7. Hi Danielle, instead of buying handmade valentines, i'm doing them myself. I'm doing them as we speak.

    Brandi, good luck with the presentation! and i will be waiting for those new recipes Katie!

    Enjoy your weekend dolls!

  8. Ah...handmade valentines! I love those. I did that the 1st year my bf and I were dating .. and now that we are on year 6 I have less and less motivation to do anything special for this holiday : ) Have a great weekend!

  9. Your weekend plans sound fun! I will mostly be staying in working on university work, but will try to make time to see a couple of friends, too! :)

  10. I'm dancing all weekend. Is that a boy in the picture? That's so funny!

  11. Happy Weekend! I am under the weather so I have been spending it in my PJs under the covers!

  12. that's such a cute photo!
    thanks so much for dropping by my blog and the lovely comments :D
    hope you've had a great weekend..
    michelle . @ GLISTERS&BLISTERS


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